RevityRx removes clinical and operational friction to simplify medication use.

Who We Serve

Hospitals and Health Systems

Physician Practices and Community Health Centers

Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Technology

Managed Care and Other Payers

A coordinated medication use process is essential for organizations to succeed in future care delivery models. 

We guarantee a collaborative relationship from beginning to end.

Our Capabilities

RevityRx takes a methodical and comprehensive approach to partner with clients across all phases of their medication use process evolution from concept development through program sustainability to achieve systemness.


Clinical Program Optimization

We tailor quality driven evidence-based solutions fostering cohesive comprehensive care to simplify the medication use process.


Organizational Transformation

We balance the evolution of the medication use process to each clients’ unique structure and culture.

Resource Optimization

We take a learning approach to unlock value in the medication use process achieving enhanced efficiency and engagement by positioning the right person, in the right place at the right time.

External Stakeholder Integration

We identify and develop external stakeholder relationships to enhance the clients’ medication use process.

Discover how RevityRx can partner with you on care coordination initiatives.