Medication stewardship is the solution to simplify the medication use process.  At RevityRx, we partner with clients to shift from reactive to proactive healthcare.

About Us

RevityRx is a boutique consulting firm bringing over thirty-five years of medication management expertise spanning the acute, ambulatory, and population health domains.  We focus on integrating medication management into clinical and operational workflows to optimize care delivery. RevityRx is guided by our medication stewardship framework, a relationship-based model between the patient, care team, and medication regimen to understand and simplify medication use. This patient-centric approach is tailored to the client’s unique strengths to mitigate fragmentation in care coordination.

Our Values


Evolving perspectives and insights through curiosity and reflection.


Unlocking value through creative efficient solutions.


Strengthening relationships through an ethical balance of passion and risk.


The RevityRx leadership team has firsthand experience addressing challenges within the medication use process and understands the decisions healthcare leaders face balancing clinical, operational, and financial resources to achieve quality care.

Our Guarantee

RevityRx is committed to delivering exceptional value and building long-lasting, trusting client relationships. We aim to be your organization’s go-to solution provider for incorporating medication use into clinical processes.

Executive Bios

Donna Walsh


John Flaherty


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